Tuesday, September 5, 2006

8 feet of kids

i've pulled out all my scrapbook stuff, shuffled it around, stacked it up. where are the creative muses? then I went to put away the kids new shoes - and thought - what a great page! I'm going to do a page on our "12 feet of family" or "8 feet of kids" (get it - 4 kids, 8 feet?) Shopping for shoes is quite an experience - you take 4 people under the age of 8 into a shoe store, size all their feet, then shop for at least 2 pairs of shoes each - sneakers, casual shoes, maybe some dress shoes, oh and don't forget the rain boots! as one tries on shoes, the others play hide-n-seek in the aisles and baby pulls all those little footie things out of the box and scatters them thru the store. 2 hours later, you finally walk out carrying 12 pairs of shoes, 20 pairs of socks, 11 little footie things. Aaggh - i forgot the tap shoes!

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