Saturday, February 16, 2008

tennis score???

My daughter's tennis pro said that P Sampras' parents never went to any of his games til the very end... how could they stand it? L is just beginning - way long time before Wimbledon and any Open, but I haven't missed a game - until now. I'm hope getting over this flu-ish-like sickness (the first time I've ever had a multi-day-lay-on-the-couch sickness) and dad gets to take her to her game tonight. So she should be back soon and tell me all about it. What if she has won? What if I am bad luck charm? I guess this is the test. I know I make her nervous when I'm there, but that's something she has to get used to right? there's going to be an audience. Well - anyway, I hope she won. Oh! I think I hear the garage - she's back!

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