Wednesday, March 12, 2008

they are trying to hoodwink you!

He's leading in the polls, he's won the most states, and he's won the most delegates to date. Yet and still -- Hillary has the nerve to propose a Clinton-Obama ticket! Wow! That takes a lot of nerve, and maybe some foresight that there are some plans in the works to turn this whole election on its head. D doesn't think Obama's going to get the nomination, something will happen between now and the convention. But i'm holding out for hope (maybe a bit naive) that everything will go straight and he who has the most delegates will win.
Here's Senator Obama's take on the "dream ticket" notion -- D and I were cracking up when I came across this video of Obama! "okie-doke" and "hoodwink" will have to be added to the definitions at Wikipedia to follow along.

Undercover Black Man

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