Monday, September 8, 2008 launches at DEMOfall08

Its been a few years of hard work and brainstorming and invision.TV has finally launched!! D demonstrated this morning and from my own humble, slightly biased opinion - he did a really good job.

There were a number of consumer products - I was amazed at what people thought I needed and had developed a product to meet that need, and that I'm sitting here thinking "wow! you're right - I do need that." Some of the ones I'd like to use and/or see come to market are listed below.
(Note - there were other non-consumer product ones that although the demo was good, I had no idea what the product was, what it did, or why - too over my head, and there were some consumer products that I don't know that I would use, but someone might, this is just my list of favorites.)

iLovePhotos - very cool. you load your friends & their contact info, then you load photos, the software detects faces, you tag the photos and then it sends the photos to those people! how cool is that? nice guys who developed the product, from Hawaii. Its only available on MAC, so I'll have to borrow a computer to try it out.

Family Tree - haven't presented yet, but I stopped by their booth. Think meets facebook - connect your living family into your own grouping for discussions, sharing photos - neat idea. It works as a Facebook app or on its own so Grandpa doesn't have to join Facebook. Nice for a family that's spread out and computer-friendly. Think of when all the kids are gone to college and we're all over the place - nice.

Photrade - love it! You take your photos, load them and anyone who wants them buys them from the site, and as the photographer, you get paid for your photos. Great idea. I'll be on the site checking it out later.

tikitag - hmmmm? like the idea - you have this little tag that's loaded with all this info and you can acccess that info on your PC. ok - their description was a lot better. but here's an example the guy did at the booth - you put one of these tikitags on your webkinz - touch it to the pad and it automatically opens webkinz. I don't know how I'd use it, seems like a lot of folks would need to be using it to mke it really useful, but has potential.

alright - afternoon section. let me pay attention.