Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be Nice to the Animals

Zoo Madrid
When you go to the zoo, be nice to the animals - don't knock on their glass, don't use the flash on your camera, don't throw things at them or into their enclosures, don't try to catch them or entice them to come out of their enclosures.

When you get home, help the environment - recycle as much as you can, your paper and glass that gets picked up in front of your house, but also your cell phones and electronic appliances.  Don't buy "art" pieces or other items that come from endangered species.  Don't keep wild animals as pets, there's no reason to have a tiger in your home.

When you go on vacation, don't eat bushmeat from endangered species.  Though this source of food is important to local people, tourist consumption drives up the price and hunt for these wild animals.

Be nice to the animals!


nativenyer said...

I thought the same thing at the San Diego Zoo. I wanted to tell the person, would you like if I came to your house and started banging on your window. Back off buddy.

Mommyx4 said...

Exactly! That's what I tell the kids when they get ready to knock on the glass.