Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween candy buy-back

The best part about Oct. 31 is the candy. I am terrified of haunted houses and "fields of screams". Fake gravestones in the front yard make me squeamish. As a kid, I never could get to the third "bloody Mary" for fear that she would actually pop out of the bathroom mirror and get me. Dressing up is fun, and I have been known to don a pointy black hat for the occasion, but without argument, the candy is the redeeming quality of the day.

The other day, we get a message from the kids' dentist about Halloween and all that candy. They are offering to buy the candy from the kids - for $2! What? That's hardly a king size bag of peanut M&M's! That's less than a tenth of what I spent to fill my own bowl to pass out to the neighborhood vampires and princesses. This does not seem like an equitable economic trade. Now, if he offered one cavity filling in exchange for a bag of candy, then we could talk.

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