Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hooking for Charity

A few years ago, I had an idea.  I have a stash of yarn, i.e. an inventory that has accumulated without a definite purpose.  I thought, perhaps I could make somethings and donate them to charity.  But what and to whom?  I started thinking.

My sorority visits a local women's shelter each month and in December hosts a Christmas party, complete with food, gifts, and a rousing, fun BINGO game (during which one of our members acts as the caller and is so good at it, I am convinced she moonlights in a BINGO hall after she leaves her professional day job).  Up to 20 women reside at the shelter, there for as many varied reasons, all trying to get themselves on their feet to live an independent life.  I thought it would be nice to share hand-made scarves with these women, something made with care that would not only provide them physical warmth, but a reminder that people do care for them and hope the best for them.  But that's a lot of scarves.

So I put out a call to some of my yarn-loving friends.  Its great when your friends are used to you coming up with grand ideas and then so willingly follow through with you.  They dug into their stash or bought new yarn and spent hours of their busy days making scarves.  Without any doubt, we ended up with 20 beautiful scarves for the women.  

And each year since then, sometime around Thanksgiving, we start again.  Last night, we got together to finish off the count, stitching fueled by caffeine and chocolate.  And, as we do every year, we vowed that we would start earlier next year.  By the end, we had 21 - enough for the women and an extra for the woman who manages the residence.  

We acknowledge that the scarves aren't a big thing, it won't change a life.  But sometimes, you just need to know that someone thought about you, someone wanted you to have something beautiful.  And that might be just enough to make someone smile.

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Robyn said...

Lovely idea!!