Friday, May 4, 2012

Photo Challenge - Day 2: breakfast & 3:something you wore

For my 31-Day Photo Challenge - Day 2 was "breakfast".
 My breakfast is most always pretty simple.  Coffee is a constant, usually in this mug or my cheetah mug.  The morning just doesn't seem right if I have to use another mug.  Which would be because both are in the dishwasher or one is in the washer and the other is left next to whatever chair I was reading in yesterday.  Yeah, bad, I know.  Naan bread was the other half of my breakfast, lightly toasted.  I stopped short of buttering it.

Day 3 was "something you wore".
 Swimming has become a favorite workout since I started triathlon training last year.  Believe me, it is so relaxing.  Its physically soothing to move through the water, and it helps clear your mind.  Its impossible to multi-task while swimming, all you can do is swim, and if you want to, think.  Or just count laps and breathe.

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