Monday, June 11, 2012

(Knit) Crochet in Public Week

Did you know that this week is Knit (or Crochet) in Public Week - the 2nd Saturday to the 3rd Sunday annually?  (Its officially knitting, but some have allowed crocheters to join in, thanks.)  I saw this on some other website, probably FaceBook or Ravelry, and was surprised.  I mean, I crochet in public everyday, doesn't everybody?

At the Mystics basketball game - foundation and first few rows
According to the KIP website, the purpose of the week is to encourage knitters to get out of their house and meet each other and build community.  For me, its a matter of using my sitting around, waiting time to actually get anything done.  I crochet while I'm in the school pick-up line, waiting at somebody's practice, sitting in the doctor/dentist/orthodontist office [here's some mom math for you - 4 kids x (health and sick visits + 2 sets of braces + 1 retainer + regular cleaning + flourides + sealants) = lots of office waiting].  I also crochet when I have to sit somewhere quietly - PTA meetings, sorority meetings - and when I visit with friends for breakfast or bookclub.  But not in church - I do have my limits.  And I definitely crochet when I have to ride for a long time in the car, like the 25 minutes to my parents' house.  Sometimes I wish I had a job that I had to ride the Metro to because I bet I could get a lot of reading or crochet done on my commute.

On the Metro - couple more rows

Most of these places, I crochet because its not conducive or appropriate to read, my other favorite waiting around activity.  For instance meetings - you're supposed to be paying attention to what's going on, maybe even taking notes.  I can do this with hook and yarn in hand, but not the latest Toni Morrison.  Sometimes people look at me funny or even question me, "are you going to do that now in this meeting?"  And I just respond, "are you going to be checking FB and playing Words with Friends?" At least I will have a sweater by the time we're done.

Have to be quiet at tennis matches.
This crochet in public thing does take some planning, you can't just decide you're taking your crochet with you out into the world.

  • I have to make sure its a simple, easily memorized or repetitive pattern.  Its one thing to casually go about hooking yarn, its another to have a pattern laid out that you have to constantly refer to, so I can do a simple fan pattern, but a complicated cable has to stay home.
  • The project also can't be too busy as far as yarn; generally I take projects that I can work from one skein of yarn at a time, not something with three or four different colors, all striped together.
  • Size doesn't matter (not in this case, anyway) - I've worked on socks, scarves, sweaters, blankets, hats, it just has to be easily transportable and follow the aforementioned guidelines.
  • And then I need a cute project bag and hook case to carry it around in.

See - not as simple as it may seem.
My project bag
A repurposed jewelry roll = perfect hook case

These photos are of my progress on a new shrug, crocheted in public just this weekend.  Tonight, I'll continue working on my shrug during my daughters elementary promotion ceremony (I hope they don't turn the lights down, that really makes it harder).  Between play rehearsals (4) and basketball games (2) this week, I should be done by Friday.

What are you working on in public?

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