Sunday, July 22, 2012

Can't go wrong with dessert

After an early morning swim meet and a cross-country flight, I was ready for a good meal. The hotel concierge recommended a few spots, gave me directions to catch the cable car to Fisherman's Wharf and to walk to Chinatown. I picked famed Chinatown. At the risk of upsetting some folks - or maybe some will enlighten me as to what I missed - I mainly found discount shops filled with Chinese imports - silk (or silk-ish) Chinese-style dresses, slippers, paper parasols and fans, jade cat figurines.

I went 0 for 2 trying to find a good bite to eat. First, the bean-filled pancake from the bakery was more glutinous than I preferred and not enough bean- filling; at least it was only a 75 cent investment. Then the tofu seafood clay pot soup at the dim sum restaurant wasn't served in a clay-pot, was too thick, not flavorful, had too much tofu (and I like tofu), and like 2 shrimp. So much for a good Chinese meal.

I ended up back at the restaurant connected to my hotel - the upscale, seafood restaurant, the Farralon - and took a seat at the bar. When all else fails - a drink and dessert. Perfect!

I had a glass of Araku, a coffee liqueur from Venezuela. This was new to me - its similar to Kahlua, but it's rum based and a little thicker, but very smooth. This accompanied my chocolate sampler - a mini s'more, peanut butter chocolate bites, a sesame covered truffle, and chocolate drizzles caramel corn. I might be putting in a standing order for the week.

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LeVonne Pannell said...

Next time go for the seafood....order the ciopinno!