Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Left My Waistline in San Francisco

My luggage is not the only thing that has come home 5 lbs heavier.  In between our conference business sessions, my sorors, Sharon and Sybil, and I were doing our best to eat on every corner of the bay city.  San Francisco is a good city if you like seafood, sweets, and diverse menus.  Here's a few of the plates that filled our bellies.

Bibimbap is a Korean dish -rice with a selection of vegetables, topped with a dollop of red pepper paste.  One can also have it with meat mixed in, if desired.  Very simple, but one of my favorite dishes.  This was not at a fancy restaurant - it was in the mall food court!  With kimchi and tofu and bulgogi.  The only reason I didn't eat here everyday was because I wanted to get to other places during my stay.

Seafood - fried squid and clams, clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, squid salad.  Talk about not being able to move!  We were so full after eating this selection from an outdoor food stand along Pier 39.  For less than $20, we got much more food than makes any sense.

Making sourdough bread at Boudin Bakery
Sour dough bread was first developed in San Francisco by the Boudin family of bakers.  They've taken the goodness of this bread to another level by pulling out the middle, filling it with delicious chowder, and then popping the top of the bread back on.  I'm not sure what's the best part - the bread, the chowder, or the bread once it's been soaked with chowder.

Japanese Mochi
Mochi.  "Red bean paste filling" may not sound too appetizing to the average American, but I was too excited to find a Japanese dessert shop that sells such a variety of rice cakes.  I only bought 2 because of their short shelf-life.

Fish and shrimp tacos with margaritas and tequila cocktails.  I had mine with Siete Leguas tequila - nice and smooth.

As you can see, we had a delicious time in San Francisco.  But I've heard that there were a few places and dishes we missed - including SushiRitos (think sushi the size of burritos), so we'll have to return eventually.

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Robyn said...

The fish tacos with margaritas looks delish!