Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rainy day at the beach

Why do we mark Labor Day as the last weekend of the summer when the season technically doesn't end until September 20?  Perhaps because school has started  and the pools are closed, we just go ahead and say "farewell" to summer.  
 Our traditional, family Labor Day weekend is packing up and heading to Maryland's Eastern Shore.  Last night, we enjoyed late summer crabs - both steamed hard-shells and fried soft-shells.  This morning, I went for a run on the bay and after breakfast, headed to the pool with the kids.  Our pool stay was shortened by the rolls of thunder and the long whistle-blow of the lifeguard.
But rain at the beach isn't all bad.   Retreat back to the beach house and relax indoors.
There, I have 2 favorite spots.   The view isn't great from either, but that's totally not the point.
The first is the top deck of the house, only 2 chairs.  To one side, is the rooflines of the other houses; to the other side, you can see the Atlantic.  You can't see it in this picture because it was raining when I took the picture and I didn't want to get wet.  It's a great place to drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the morning sun.  On a sunny day.
The other is an all weather spot.  The view obviously is irrelevant here, the point is the chair and the fact that its on an enclosed, screened in porch.  I can sit here all day long, feel the cool air, listen to the rain, and not get bitten by mosquitos .  And generally the kids forget I'm out here, so I can read or write or sleep for hours before someone comes looking for me.  I often sleep out here through the night, too, awakened by the  early morning sunlight and the call of seagulls.  Even in the winter, with a good blanket, it's a great hangout.  I need one of these at home.

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