Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A New Skirt! or...When Yarn & Blogging Collide

Somewhere in the cyber-world of knitting and crocheting, someone decided that Wednesday would be “WIP day”: Work in Progress (or is it “Process”?  I think “Progress” sounds better).  Anyway, a day to show off whatever yarn-y thing you’ve been working on.  It’s also motivation to add a few more rows or a sleeve or edging by the next Wednesday.  At least, it is for me.  I need those little mini-goals.  So on Wednesdays, you’ll see my WIP on my FaceBook page.

Lately, I’ve been working on a couple things.  A pink, striped scarf that I’m knitting – my first real knitting project.  I’m teaching myself via books and YouTube videos and consultations with my mother and best friend.  I started with a dishcloth, I figured it would be easy and who really cares if it doesn’t turn out just right.  It was awful – the stitches were so uneven and there were holes in it and it was quite odd-shaped.  Yes, so I jumped straight from that to my scarf.  And if you've seen me out anywhere in the past month - PTA meeting, swim team practice, basketball game - and wondered what I was doing with the bag of multi-colored yarn, now you know.
My knitted scarf that I will finish one day ("Hitchhiker" pattern by Martina Behm)
My other projects are crocheted, my regular yarn-craft of choice.  I started another beaded, fine-weight scarf during the Olympics.  But after about 30 rows, I realized that although it was potentially beautiful, given the weight of the yarn, it would be the next Olympics before I finished the thing and have set it aside, loathing the thought of pulling it all out to make something else.  I’ve also been working on a sweater, which is now in its third or fourth iteration, I’ve lost count – a consequence of my indecisiveness.  

Now what am I doing?  I’ve decided I want  need a crocheted or knitted skirt.  A friend of mine had one on at a dinner we went to last spring and it was so cute and I’ve want one ever since.  I’ve never had a crocheted or knitted skirt before, at least not for me, so I'm hoping it will look nice on me.  Here's the one I'm thinking of - its swirly and I think it will look cute with boots for the fall?  (Btw - it looks nothing like the skirt my friend wore, but that's beside the point.)
A new skirt for the fall (pattern by Doris Chan for Interweave Crochet)
To continue the theme - in addition to the yarn skirt, coincidentally I have another identically named project which I will also start this month.  I will be blogging on  It's a site with information and blog posts and products for women and I think it will be a great extension for me.
Skirt!® is all about women...their work, play, families, creativity, style, health and wealth, bodies and souls. Skirt! is an attitude... spirited, independent, outspoken, serious, playful and irreverent, sometimes controversial, always passionate. 
But don't worry, I will always be Just Piddlin'!

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