Monday, October 15, 2012

My Lazy Lab-Shepherd

For the dog folks...

What do you think of when you think "Labrador retriever?"  Running around, fetching sticks, swimming in the lake.  Retrieving stuff.  What about "German shepherd?"  Barking, running.  Guarding stuff.

You probably don't think of this....
Raven at home in the crate (what's a better word than "crate"?)
Apparently when you mix the two breeds, you do not get a running, fetching sticks, guarding and retrieving stuff dog.  You get a big ole, sleep all day, lap puppy.

She's still young, but I think we may have the laziest lab around.  I thought she was going to be my running partner, she obviously has different thoughts.  When I do manage to get her out of the house and down the front steps, she trots half-way up the street, i.e. 4 houses away, then sits.  And waits.  Until I finally give up saying "run" and go with "home".  Then she turns around and trots on home.

Our first outing - trying to be one of those people who takes their dog with them places
If she's in the mood, she will fetch a stick.  Its one of her choosing that she finds in the yard and she won't necessarily bring it back to me or my kids.  Instead, she takes it to her spot and chews on it.  Same with the tennis ball; she may go and get it, but she's not bringing it back.  My previous dog would sometimes find a bird, so, yes, I'm actually a little bit thankful that this dog has no desire to actually chase something down.

Guarding and barking?  Only a low whimper when we try to make her run or fetch.

This dog sleeps and lounges all day, would eat lying down if we'd let her, and has an affinity for shoes. (Did I mention - her main activity is stealing everyone's shoes and stockpiling them in her crate?)
Raven with a selection of the family's shoes

On second thought, maybe we're a perfect match.

We adopted our Raven (formerly Bettina) from the Lucky Dog Animal Rescue (Washington DC).  You can read more about our adoption process on my previous post about her "fur-ever home".  Check Lucky Dog's website, or another animal rescue in your area, to find your own furry creature to not guard your house and steal your shoes.

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Jennelle Rush said...

Hmmmm. She won hands down with the re-name, Raven. Bettina... Not sure how I feel about that. Great post! She looks like she'll fit right in!