Monday, December 17, 2012

In remembrance...

On Friday morning, I was sitting in a meeting with our school systems' long-range planning staff, interviewing architects to study the capacity of our growing schools.  At the same time, a school in Newtown, Connecticut was losing 26 of its students and staff.  When I got home, I had just began to read about the incident, and my daughter's school secretary called for me to pick up my child because she didn't feel well at school.  Around the same time, parents in Connecticut were waiting, hoping to pick up their children from school, too.

The irony of my day doesn't escape me as I think about the children, parents, school staff, and community of Newtown, Connecticut.  It's taken me days and a lot of thought of what, if anything, to post on my FaceBook page or on my blog about my reaction, because, as a mother of four, as a former school teacher, as a regular ol' person, the events are beyond comprehension.  I struggled with what to say, if anything, because my mere words wouldn't make things better.  But not to say anything felt like disregard for the loss of such innocence.

I hardly even know what to say in prayer, but I do know who to pray to.  For the families, the community, the people who are touched in ways we don't even know, for each of us, I pray for healing and strength.  I pray that we remain faithful and continue to love one another.  

And I join with the many other bloggers who have chosen to take this day to remember the twenty tiny innocent souls and six heroic women lost on last Friday.  God bless you all.

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