Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Christmas decorations should be down by Valentine's Day

I started taking down the Christmas decorations, a little late, but finally.
My staircase garland - less one glass ball.
I began with the garland and ribbons on the staircase banister. A glass ball fell off, crashing on the floor below.

I swept up the broken splinters of glass before the dog stepped on them.  I went ahead and swept the rest of the foyer.  I dumped the dustpan in the trash can in the laundry room.

Then I noticed the dryer had stopped so I took the clothes out, put the clothes in the washer into the dryer.

I took the load of clothes upstairs to fold and put away. Then I noticed the closet was a mess, so I sorted through the closet, folded some clothes, hung some up.  Its still kinda out of order, but the piles of clothes are a little bit better.  I felt accomplished and thought I deserved a treat, maybe a slice of chocolate cake would be nice.

I went back to the kitchen, knowing we didn't have a chocolate cake, but maybe I could make one.

Looking for eggs, I came across the chicken defrosting for dinner. I started seasoning the chicken.  What else could I cook to go with it? Mmmm, macaroni and cheese. I started boiling the noodles.

Then I scanned Ravelry (this is like the crack-app for yarn-aholics like me).  And a great crocheted hat was featured on the front page. So I looked at it real close and wondered if I had the yarn to make it. I looked through my yarn stash and was happy to find the perfect skein - ahh, the advantage of the yarn stash. Just as I found a hook, I realized that the noodles were done.

And it was time for the school bus to pull up at the corner.  I bundled up and trudged through the muddy snow to collect my children. And took the dog because she wanted to go for a walk, too.

When we got back home, the dog tracked muddy footprints through the foyer.  I wiped up the floor while the kids had a snack and started homework.  I checked a few math problems and read out a list of spelling words, finished the macaroni and cheese and put the chicken in the oven.  

My daughter went upstairs to change her clothes for basketball practice.  She tripped over the garland laying on the steps.

"Mom, I thought you were taking down the Christmas decorations?"

Me in my new hat!


Soror Karen M said...

Soror....I am NOT mad at you. In my house, the decorations are down from the walls, doors, windows, etc. However, they are NOT up in the hall closet where they belong. Matter of fact, as I type this, I'm looking at the wreath atop the shopping cart, the mini-tree that needs to be put in its box & the small trinkets that also need to be boxed up. The only thing that did make it to the hall closet was the string of lights. I'm off to take out my dinner....& eat it atop the Christmas tablecloth :-)

Mommyx4 said...

LoL! And your comment reminded me about the little Christmas tree on the piano!

Mommyx4 said...

And btw - the Christmas tree in my dollhouse has been up all year. It's so much work taking that little teeny tree up those little teeny steps to the attic.