Monday, October 7, 2013

Blogging Tips for Life

I feel like I'm really getting a good value for my registration dollars when info I pick up at a conference can be applied to other aspects of my life.  One of the Blogalicious presentations was themed around 10 tips for successful blogging.  There were eight presenters on that one panel - add it up, lots of tips!  Some were repeated, so those pop up as really key, and some were very applicable to other businesses or regular life.  I'm flipping through my notes and will share with you 5 Tips that I think are good one's, just for regular life, even if you don't have a blog.  (The @ references are the speaker's Twitter handles.) 

1 - Network and get out in front of the computer - from The CurvyFashionista.  I'm online almost daily - email, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. All that. There are folks I've had online conversations with but could not pick them out of a real-life face-to-face lineup. This conference has been fun, partly, because I've gotten the chance to meet the person behind the tweets or blogposts or Facebook statuses.  I met several people who actually live in my county, in my neighborhood, even. How often do you get out into your real world and have real conversations? Try it.

2 - Be selfish with your time - from @teachmama.  Message for moms. How much of our time do we give away, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom and folks always ask you to do stuff for them? Yes, it's nice to do stuff for people, I could take on "Professional Volunteer" as a job title, but how true that we need to say "no" sometimes. Just last week, I was thinking that I need to establish a max number of meetings/evening activities  per week so that I can be home to tell me kids good night more. Crazy that I have to think of that right? But between sorority, PTA, Girl Scouts, other random stuff, I often have something on the calendar every evening.  I do need to be more selfish of my time.

3 - Have a daily routine - from @amyvernon. She spoke on having a routine for your blogging tasks, but we do that for regular life, right? Brush your teeth, take a shower, drink coffee. What about the other stuff that we need to do that would benefit our daily maintenance - read your Bible, take a deep breath before waking up the kids, drink coffee, go thru your emails, run 20 minutes, go on with your day. Check off the stuff that is important to you being you before you do the other stuff.

4 - Keep it classy - from @DeEttaMJones.  However you present yourself, how you communicate with others, how you dress.  Whatever you do - be classy. To me that doesn't mean it has to be expensive and label-laden, but be the best you. 

5 - Show folks a solution - from @yolymason. I.e. Be useful to people. Don't be the person who is always presenting a problem - you know those folks and you hate when they come around with their drama. Don't be that person. You don't always have to know the answer, but be willing to help folks find the answer. Be valuable in other people's lives. 

That's it. Five. Apply to your life, or to your blog. 

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