Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bohemian Scarf for Fall

I went to a conference last week, so you know I had a skein of yarn in my bag.  It was Blogalicious in Atlanta - 3 days of workshops, talks, receptions, etc. etc.; lots of blogging, networking, chit-chatting, etc. etc.; just enough time to make a new scarf!

I bought this yarn a while back, so it's been in my stash just waiting to become the perfect something.  It's Fiesta yarn's LaBoheme; hence I'm calling it my Bohemian scarf.  It's a double stranded yarn; one is textured boucle, the other is a mohair/wool blend so I had to figure out a good stitch pattern that would show off all of its fluffiness.

I started out with the idea of a triangle shawl, though I was calling it a scarf in my mind because "shawl" always sounds like something for an old lady.  After a few rows, I decided that I didn't like it anyway.  One, because it didn't seem like there would be enough yarn to make it large enough to wrap around my shoulders - that's not the way I usually wear these type shawls/scarves, but that's the way I measure them.  Two, more importantly, it didn't show off the yarn's fluffiness.
the original triangle scarf
Attempt two - I went with a straight scarf.  Since I was in a conference where I was trying to pay attention, I needed a simple stitch pattern that I could do mindlessly, so I went with alternating extended double-chain and single chain stitches. That gave the rows some height, and they were loose and airy - fluffy.  Happily, it ended up long enough to wrap around my neck.

Going with option #2 - a straight scarf
It was quick, easy, and will be a nice addition to a fall sweater.

I'm off to PTA this weekend... let's see what I come up with. Another scarf?

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