Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIP: Swirly Scarves in Crochet & Knit

I’ve been liking these swirly scarves that are around.  I bought skeins of the ruffly yarn to make a few as gifts and for myself. 

The patterns I found and that were on the skein labels were knitted.  To cast on, all you do is weave the needle into how many ever holes you want on each row.  I used 2 for these.  Then it’s a simple knitting stitch, using the lace-holes in the yarn, below the woven edge.

Since I kept finding knitted patterns, I also wanted to figure out a way to do these in crochet, so I worked out a crochet pattern as another option, as if doing Tunisian crochet.

I used a 5mm crochet hook.
  • Weave the hook into the first 6 lace holes.  This is your beginning row of “stitches.”
  • Loop the hook into the next hole and pull through the last stitch on the hook.
  • Loop the hook through the next hole and pull through the next 2 stitches.  Repeat until the end, ending with 1 stitch on the hook.
  • Weave the hook into the next 5 lace holes.  Repeat as before, working back through the stitches.
  • Continue to the end of the skein.
  • At the end, pull the last loop through and knot it.
  • Fluff out and enjoy!

These swirly scarves took about an hour to make. They’re quick and easy and fun to wear. I’m making a few more in my daughters’ school colors to wear to their basketball games as the proud momma.

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