Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The snow is falling with the weatherman calling for 4", 5", 8".  School is out, the kids are playing games, and there's a big bowl sitting out on the front steps.

A big, fluffy snowfall is the perfect condition for fresh snow-cream.  Our's is a family recipe, passed down from my father to my brother and I, and now to my kids.  My dad jokes that as a kid growing up in Baltimore, they could barely afford the snow to make this winter-y treat, so that makes it extra special.  When we were kids, he made it for us as if he was in a premiere kitchen, serious and fun at the same time.  It's with great anticipation that now my kids put out their big bowl as soon as the flakes look like they will be accumulating up to a few inches.

Our snow-cream is a perfectly balanced mixture of milk, sugar and vanilla, folded into about a gallon or two of fresh fallen snow.  It's silly, it's fun, and it's the best way to eat snow.  Well, aside from just sticking your tongue out and letting the cold flakes fall and melt into your mouth.

What are your family's snow-day favorites - snacks or activities?

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