Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Stitches

This winter warranted plenty of sweaters and scarves and hats. If you like bundling up, this was a dream season.  I like making hats and scarves, probably have enough for a new combo every wintery day. But, now I'm ready for spring-ier, warmer weather. I was excited to see the spring issue of Interweave Crochet in the mailbox as some sure harbinger of the passing of winter. If I crochet with lighter yarn, the appropriate weather will follow. Something like that.

I've kinda become a scarf addict, from both a crafter and fashion viewpoint.  Scarves now seem popular and acceptable all year round, at different weights, no longer thick and heavy,  stuck only in the cold weather pile.  Folks are wearing scarves all year long in bright colors, lighter yarns and fabrics, flowy styles. It's the perfect crocheter and knitter go-to project.  Especially for someone like me who usually carries a project in my purse or tote bag, whether going to sit in the bleachers at a kid's sports activity or take a seat in a meeting room.

I found this pattern for the "Ennis Shawl" last year (in the Summer 2013 Interweave.)  With tall Tunisian stitches and chain stitches, I liked this pattern because it was (1) easy to do; (2) easy to memorize; (3) do-able with yarn in my stash.  I've had a few skeins of Twinkle Handknits "Cruise" in off-white and a light green and been playing around with it for the perfect piece.  The silk/cotton blend is soft, cool, and light - perfect for a nice spring scarf.  The pattern is designed for a full shawl, but can be scaled down to a scarf; this took only 2 skeins.
For my next project, I've pulled out a few mohair blend options. I'm feeling drawn to something fluffy, maybe because it's still a bit chilly. I like this shawl, combining a mohair and a straight yarn for a unique look.  If I get something worked up soon, I'll have time to wear them before it gets really warm. 

Note: I've not been compensated by Interweave Crochet for this post or using their pattern, but I do like their magazine!

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