Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Books to Read Pile

They are stacked up on the table in my workroom. Piled on the bookshelves and next to my favorite chair. Sitting on the nightstand. Saved on my iPad as a Kindle, nook, or iBook e-book. I would need to clear everything from my calendar for the remainder of the year to get through this ever-growing pile of books I’m going to read.

Everyone I know who considers themselves a “reader” has a pile of books they intend to get to. Mine never seems to shrink, fed by my compulsive habit of not walking out of a bookstore without at least one book, usually two. And yes, that would be a physical, walk through the doors and pull a book off the real shelf bookstore. Add to that, the books that friends pass along and those I receive as promotional copies from publishers and authors. And there’s the temporary contributions from the local library. There are, for various reasons, even multiple copies of the same book.  On top of the to-read books, there's the read-again pile. Toni Morrison. Amy Tan. Old classics from high school - To Kill a Mockingbird and The Great Gatsby.  And books that seem like I'll never finish, like The Bible.

It’s like a well. Whenever I’m thirsty for a new read, I wander over to one of the teetering piles and pick out the next book.  And it doesn’t seem to ever dry up.

What's on your to-read pile?

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Robyn said...

Mockingjay, the Interestings, Divergent, the Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest, Americanah, and Life In Spades :) saving it for our book club.