Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Cleaning One Day at a Time

When the snow finally melts, we get all antsy for spring cleaning, don't we?  It's as if once we've started refreshing spring bed covers and cleaning out closets winter is banished.  But then after a couple frenzied days we're all exhausted and don't care about spring cleaning and just want to drink a pitcher of sweet tea. Or is that just me?

So then I go for the one task per day plan and after a few days of that, I feel like I've got it all taken care of and now, it's time for that pitcher of sweet tea.

But this year - I'm determined to get further along since I've come across a day by day schedule, posted by TheDCLadies.

On Monday, Day 1, I cleaned my microwave and stovetop. That was easy. For the microwave, I wet a cloth with water and a little lemon juice and microwaved it for 30 seconds, then wiped down the inside with the hot, lemony cloth.  Granted, we primarily use the microwave for popcorn and defrosting. If you are a serious microwaver - one of those people who can bake a cake and a turkey in there - you might need a little more TLC.  The stovetop, I took apart the burners, washed them, used a little degreaser and scouring sponge.

Day 2 was clean out the pantry and fridge day.  This is actually a great task right before the long holiday weekend. Get all that stuff out of the fridge that you know you are not going to eat anyway, especially if you're going out of town or having a big cookout.  Wipe up spills those you've ignored and those no-one ever mentioned.  Pull out the drawers and swipe out the crumbs and errant green onion that accumulate under them.  Wash the drawers in hot, soapy water.  Then put everything back neatly.

In the pantry, I like to put the dry goods in jars so that we can actually see them and keep them from going stale. (I always have trail mix and can never keep those plastic bags closed tight enough.)  And it's an easy recycling project!  I wash out our used jars (pickles, salsa, spaghetti sauce, etc.), peel off the labels, and to make it pretty - spray paint the lids.  It takes all of 2 minutes to paint the lids, plus the additional drying time.  You could get really fancy and get those chalkboard labels and stick on the sides of the jars (on my list for the next trip to the craft store, but in the meantime, let's stay focused.)
Quick, easy recycling project: paint jar lids & re-use jars to store dry goods.
Cleaned, recycled & filled - ready for the pantry!

Day 3 is clean the dishwasher. That's an easy one for me - I only use mine half the time, so I'll empty it and do a quick run empty, then wipe it down.   Maybe I'll get a jumpstart on under the sink.

Ready to spring clean?  Here's the complete schedule - #TDCL4WeekSpringCleanUp - join in and let me know how it's going.  Post comments here and/or pics to Facebook & Twitter.

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