Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#WIP - DIY Yarn Bowl

It's a great solution for that ball of yarn that rolls away while your stitching - a yarn bowl!  I've seen them in crochet and knitting magazines and websites and on Pinterest. The key to these bowls is the slit for the yarn through which you thread the working yarn.  Of course, you can crochet and knit without the bowl, but it's a fun, fancy little addition to your craft.

I made this one myself; at least, I painted it myself. One of those no school for some reason days, the little kids and I wandered into a local paint-your-own-pottery shop. We haven't been to one in years because it seemed for awhile we were going for every birthday party and celebration and had quite a stash of pottery.  Thinking I'd sit back and watch the kids paint, my plans changed when I saw the plain yarn bowl!
Our work table - paint and pottery pieces
We each selected a pottery piece - my son, the alien bank; my daughter, the ice cream cone and spoon; me, the bowl. It spent about an hour, painting and commenting on each other's work, offering advice and help.  Then we left the pieces to be fired in the kiln and I picked them up the next week.

He's going to hide all his money in this little alien.

Ice cream's going to be delicious with this ice cream cone spoon.
My yarn bowl - in process.

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