Monday, June 16, 2014

Stuff to Do During the Lazy Days of Summer

Each summer I imagine all the things we can do now that we don’t have to compete with homework and after-school responsibilities and I try to cram all the stuff we don’t get around to from September to June into the two and a half remaining months of the year.  Despite not getting anywhere near through the list last year, this year will be no different.  I still imagine a photo gallery wall going up our staircase and cleaning up my garden into a beautiful, functional outdoor office.

Here’s a few other items on my summer to-do list (with input from my kids)
  • Find all the terrapins at the University of Maryland College Park campus and get ice cream from the dairy
  • Catch a few movies – we’ve already started with opening day viewings of Fault in our Stars and How to Train a Dragon.
  • Find more fresh-made ice cream spots near us.  Or during our travels. We stopped at a road-side stand o Route 50 (Maryland) for scoops of Princess pink and Cookies & Cream.
  • Plan our roadtrip for the summer (we’re thinking about heading north)
  • Read a lot
  • Pack up for a local daytrip or some hometown touristing.

So far, we've had a good start.  Unlike our normal routine - we actually cancelled a few weekend plans and rearranged our schedule to get away to the beach for the weekend.  We had a nice small town visit to Berlin, Maryland - America's Coolest Small Town - located just before you get to Ocean City, Maryland. We walked through town (it’s something quaint about a town that’s still sleepy and quiet on a Sunday morning), ate cupcakes in the sweets shop, played with toys in an antique toy shop, and bought a few skeins of yarn at the small-town requisite yarn shop.

We've started off with a small departure from our normal hustle and bustle days.  Looking forward to another beautiful summer.

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