Friday, June 6, 2014

The Book is Always Better

My daughter thinks she should get a discount of some sort – maybe a free popcorn would be nice – for having read the book long before it was announced that it was going to be a movie and everyone jumped on the bandwagon with their tissues. The Fault in Our Stars, of course. The teen romance/tear-jerker/friend-story that’s got every female, and some males, boo-hooing through the pages and starting today, into their Jujubes.  And we’ll be among them.

(I kinda asked Elle if I could please come with her. She said yes. 1 point for mom, right – she still likes me!)

I read the book before I knew it was going to be a movie, too, at her insistence that it was such a good book.  In fact, I always read the book before seeing the movie.

This read the book first mantra does have some faults. There are some movies I’ve never seen because I haven’t gotten to the book yet, as my daughter points out whenever I repeat this rule.  But I do make exceptions, and then I never read the book. And then there’s some books that I just don’t want to see the movie.

Hunger Games. My daughter dragged me to the movie before I finished, I was reading to slow for her and her friends. Never finished the book, or the sequels and haven’t seen anymore of the movies. I got the gist from the first one – kids chasing kids and killing each other off.

The Life of Pi. This has been on my bookshelf for years – years! My daughter read it, my son and I tried to read it but he quickly got bored in chapter 1 and they were convinced I’d never finish so we watched the movie. Loved the movie! Now I wish I had read the book.  But I would definitely watch the movie again.

For Colored Girls… Read the book, or script, in college. Well-written, good book. Never even wanted to see the movie.

The Great Gatsby. On the to-read pile, still haven’t seen the movie.

Beloved. Read it, watched it. Still don’t understand why it was even made into a movie.  Will read the book again.  Although, I have seen a stage performance of The Bluest Eye which was absolutely wonderful.

Gone Girl. Read it and can’t wait for the movie. I may want a different ending. Maybe?

DaVinci Code. On the to-read pile, still haven’t seen the movie.

12 Years a Slave. See above.

I will risk missing the movie while the book languishes on the to-read pile. Why? Because the book is always better. Always. And since I hardly ever never go back and read after watching the movie, I’d rather just skip the movie.  Yes, I admitted in the beginning, there are some faults with this system like missing some good movies, but hey – you’ve got to stick to your principles.

Now, let me grab my tissues and popcorn.

Do you read the book first? Or do you skip the book and wait for the movie?

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