Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Are You Involved at Your Child's School?

I recently participated in a focus group about school-parent communication.  It was an interesting discussion, with participants that ranged from parents, like me, teachers, and school administrators.  I’m a strong advocate for parents being involved in their children’s schools and being an important part of the education process.

To expand the range of answers, I’d like to pose a few questions to you, my readers.  Please take a moment and reply in the comments to one or both of the following questions.
  • What does it take to motivate you to advocate or take action on an educational issue (local, state, and/or national)?
  • How would you improve communication channels between parents and teachers/administrators at your child’s school? 
Thank you!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I will get involved or take action if I feel very strongly about the issue and have something specific and concrete to do (such as sending a letter to the school board or attending a focus group meeting).

I'm pretty happy with the way my kids' schools communicate with us. They send out emails and phone messages, and the elementary school sends out a monthly newsletter, too. The teachers are very good at responding to our emails and phone calls.