Thursday, August 7, 2014

Laundry while Traveling

How do you pack for 6 people for a 2-week roadtrip? And what do you do with all that laundry?
I packed enough shorts/skirts for half the days we planned to be gone, because really, you can wear those a second time.  I packed a little more than half the days shirts, anticipating getting to a laundry somewhere mid-point.  And enough underclothes for the duration, just in case we didn't.
Check your next hotel - especially if you are in a suite style hotel. There's most likely a laundry room that you've never paid attention to, and if you had, wondered "who does their laundry at a hotel?" That would be folks like me, a long long way from home.
And if you're lucky, it's just down the hall from the bar. Because if you've been on a long journey with the kids, you'll need this pitstop, too. 
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