Monday, August 11, 2014

Returning Back Home After Vacation

1878 miles, 12 days, 9 states, 2 countries
6 people, 6 hotel rooms

We’re finally back home.  And this is going to take a little bit of getting used to.

The coffee pot is not in the room, just steps from the bed. I actually have to go all the way downstairs for a cup of coffee to get the day started.  This is reminding me of my plan to install a coffee station in my bedroom, however.

Breakfast, although included and available at this place, is not ready when you get downstairs.  There is no buffet of croissants and pastries, fresh squeezed orange juice, a hot waffle iron, or a dude waiting to make omelets-to-order.  But maybe, I’ll get up one day before school starts and set out a big breakfast, just to throw the whole family off.

We do not have to check to be sure we didn’t pick out a sibling’s/child’s/parent’s shirt or underwear out of the suitcase before pulling them on.  To pack for our most recent roadtrip, I packed half of everybody’s clothes in one of two suitcases so that we would only have to drag one suitcase in to the hotel, instead of five.

There’s nowhere we have to be today.  There’s no sites that we must see because we’re on a 48-hour schedule. We don’t have to figure out how many hours and miles to our next state and decide whether we should eat in this city, the next, or in the car.  We packed and accumulated a lot of snacks (and wine) while out on the road.

We’ll all be eating the same thing for lunch and dinner, whatever that may be.  There’s no option for six different meals to be brought out to each person’s individual tastes.

We will not be in arm’s reach of each other 24/7.  We can go in different rooms, even outside, by ourselves if we want.  So, I might admit that I liked hanging out with my kids and hubby all day. Sure, there was some bickering, fussing, even some tears, but it was good.  Our regular schedule splits us into 6 different directions on a daily basis, so this was nice.

We can wander to the kitchen or our outside in our pajamas and no-one looks at us funny.  We’re home.

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