Monday, November 10, 2014

My Own Bookstore... or BookFair

One day when I grow up, I'd like to own a bookstore. (Assuming they are still a thing in the future.)  I'll serve coffee in the morning and wine in the evening, and chocolate all day.  There will be plush chairs and smart little booktalks.  In the meantime, I've got the Scholastic Bookfair at my kids' school.

This week is one of my favorite volunteer activities of the year.  I've lost count how many years I've worked on the fair, but I get excited every year as the carts are rolled in, full of books. Almost as excited as the students as they come in, class by class, to explore the books they'll beg their parents for.

There are the fun doo-dads and gizmos and in my book-snobbish way, I often steer the kids to the books first, imposing a "buy a book first before a dollar bill shaped eraser" rule. On the other hand, these $1 items are nice for the kid who doesn't have much to spend but wants to come away with something.

Since I'm at the fair all week, I usually pull a book or two for my kids - each day!  I know, do the math - I end up with a pile by the end of the week. Plus the ones the kids pull from the shelves.

I'm always looking for the diverse books, the good stories, the interesting ones -how great when its all in one.  But I've found some keepers for our family, gifts, and teachers' classrooms over the years.  I'll keep me eyes open again this year.

I've got my coffee and muffins for the teachers. I can't give the kids chocolate (messy hands, sugar kick, allrrgic reaction, you know how all that goes.) And a fun castle theme.  My bookstore is open!

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