Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winter of the Super-Scarf

It's cold. And I'm not listening to those "oh, but if its not windy" and "but if we lived in Chicago" and "the cold is refreshing" winter-optimist.  To them I say - I don't care about the wind, why would I go to Chicago in the winter (though I'm looking forward to being there this summer) and Rum Runner's are refreshing. It's cold.  I don't even go get the morning newspaper (yes, I still get a real paper newspaper) without hat and gloves.  Thus this has become the year of super long scarves.

The thing about super-scarves? They really don't take a lot of time to make. Probably less than some of my normal sized scarves. For the super-scarves you need really chunky yarn and a big hook.  Here's my two so far.
Black & White Floral Super Scarf
This black and white with flowers scarf (about 10 feet long) can be made in maybe two hours. It took me a bit longer than that while I played with a design, length, and the looseness of the stitch.  It's key to do the stitches a little loose so that the scarf flows and is soft.  Secret tip - the flowers are already attached to the yarn.

Multi-Green Super Scarf
My WIP at the moment is this multi-green scarf, it's about 8 feet long.  It's working up really quick when I can sit and do it.  Another episode or two of Empire and I should be done. (Which by the way is a hard show to stitch through because you've got to stop and check out Cookie's dress, sing along with Jamal...)

Want to make your own? Here's a few tips.

How long to make our super scarf? Stand up, reach your arm up high. Your stretched out height - that long.

How wide to make your super scarf? Because its so incredibly long, it doesn't have to be that wide, I would say less than or really close to a foot.  Unless you want to go with the Lenny Kravitz crazy-super-scarf, which I think looks so fantastically fun!
Lenny Kravitz & his crazy super-high scarf!
What yarn to use? Obviously, something chunky. But something soft. This thing will be right on your face and neck and shoulders.  And I don't think you can always tell by feeling the yarn in the skein, you might have to stitch a test swatch and check it out, rub it on your arm or against your cheek.  The gauge and looseness of the stitches will also make a difference.

What stitch? Both of these were done in crochet.  The black and white in single crochet; the green in half-doubles, doubles, and singles. But really - whatever you think best shows of your yarn. It doesn't have to be complicated.  As for knit - I only know how to knit, so I would have to go with that.

What color? You could go conservative with a match-your-coat color or go wild! It'll be a cold cold day when you wear it, so maybe a color that folks can find you in a blizzard. I'm thinking a bright bright pink or red for my next one.

Have fun! 

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Robyn Bourne said...

LOve the black and white scarf.

Mommyx4 said...

Thank you!