Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Always Overpacked But Hopeful

With time away from home, whether for vacation or a business trip, I always imagine that I will have all this free time. While I'm traveling (if not driving), during large group meetings where I just have to listen or sitting on the beach, late in the quiet evening. I foresee hours of open time to catch up on my to-read pile and to-crochet stash, as well as maybe some of the not so tedious tasks on the ever going to-do list. Thus, I pack a tote bag full of all this potentially productive stuff.
If I get to half the stuff, I'm doing excellent.
This week is another attempt. I have a conference to attend and I'm gathering all the stuff I'm going to get to without the distraction of cooking and folding clothes and going to meetings and driving around the county.
I'm packing:
- Toni Morrison's just released new book, God Help the Child. Like folks waiting for the new iPhone, I was at Barnes & Nobles first thing in the morning to buy my copy, despite my husband's assurance that there probably was not going to be a line at the bookstore. Who buys hardback books, from a real bookstore anymore? We may be a dwindling breed.
- Yarn. I have some pretty orange and white souvenir yarn from Madrid from a trip a bit ago. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but have now decided on a poncho/shawl for the spring. Though I wish there was a less 1970s word than "poncho." I think of those granny-square, orange and brown, rough acrylic mini blankets with fringes every little girl had in her closet. If there's a better word, please tell me.
- Blank cards and stamps. To catch up on thank you cards, notes, birthday cards. I love personal notes - giving and receiving - and I'm trying to get better at actually writing and sending them.
I wonder how much I'll get done. At least I finished a blogpost.

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