Monday, April 13, 2015

Currently... Enjoying the Sunshine

We just came off of Spring Break, which, as it turned out was a bit chilly and a little rainy. But, hey, it was unscheduled days and we were away from home a few days.  We went to Virginia Beach, did a drive-thru tour of Hampton Univ., spent a day in Colonial Williamsburg, and camped out at Great Wolf Lodge.  We also went to Annapolis for a day of advocating on the Maryland budget, particularly funding for schools, and watching a little bit of Senate and House sessions, and as payment for doing educational stuff for the morning, had a delicious lunch at Chick & Ruth's: BiPartisan Crab Soup (crab soup and cream of crab in the same bowl) and crab cake for me.  Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.


I am ready for spring to really, for real, come.  I love the flowers blooming and the sun shining and not bundling up in a heavy coat and, of course, the new shoe options the warm weather brings.

I'm doing my taxes. Comment below if you are actually finished - I'll be impressed.

Looking forward to attending my sorority's fashion show to raise money for our scholarship fund. It's such a great time and a fun excuse to don a beautiful spring hat.

Getting back in gear for Girls on the Run. It's been a long, cold, lazy winter. And I can't let these little girls outrun me (again.)  We're about three weeks into the spring season, but the weather's not been great. I think we'll finally get out this week.

Doing my taxes. Did I say that already? Well, as an indie-writer and publisher, I'm doing business taxes, too.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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