Monday, May 4, 2015

Currently... Appreciating The Change of Seasons

It's May already! I know, it seems every month we're in wonder that oh-my-gosh, another month has gone by.  I'm excited in knowing that the winter is really really over now. Maybe there could be chance of a cold wind or late late snow in April, but May we're clearly moving on to open shoes and sun hats.  As I'm embracing this meteorological change of seasons, I'm looking forward to more sunny days in other ways, too.

Watching Baltimore.  Last week, Baltimore erupted into protests, looting, and rioting. The match that sparked the unrest was the death of a young man named Freddie Gray as a result of a spinal injury he suffered when arrested.  However, I believe that the protests are about more than the death of one person and any sociologist or politician would examine the events further. In a deeper sense, it’s the manifestation of years and years of frustration that are difficult to put into words. If we look at the socio-economics of Baltimore in general, but particularly, as highlighted this week, the conditions in the blocks of the city called Sandtown, where Gray was from, we notice an alarming rate of unemployment, high school dropouts, and imprisonment.  The unrest may have been quite surprising to those who have never ventured beyond the Inner Harbor, M&T Stadium and Cambden Yards.  But perhaps, this past week has shed a spotlight on the Baltimore blocks beyond the tourist area and will bring some kind of resolve to this great city.

Raising my son to be chivalrous. Yesterday at my daughter's tennis match, there were no seats for the spectators so my son and I dragged seats from the nearby outdoor tables, about the length of 4 tennis courts. When my son got up and wandered off, a lady made a move to sit in his seat and I let her know, that he'd be back. So question moms -in rules of chivalry, a guy should give up his seat for a lady. But does that count when the guy dragged the seat to that spot for his specific use?

Being appreciative of supportive voices. Every now and then, we need someone to say “good job” and “I’ve got your back.”  Someone outside of your family and small circle of friends who are supposed to say that anyway. When that voice comes from someone outside of that normal circle, it’s comforting, inspiring and refreshing.

Making no plans for Mother’s Day.  I’m perplexed by the get ready for Mother’s Day hoopla in women-oriented venues. For instance, mom blogs, women’s publications, and Michael’s storefront are filled with ideas of what to get mom for Mother’s Day.  Other than tearing out the article or buying the supplies for a hand-painted #1 Mom flower pot and slipping it to my husband and kids, I’m not so sure why this is being directed at me.  (And I admit, I might’ve left a Pandora ad on my husband’s desk at some time.)  I take no ownership in the planning of Mother’s Day festivities. Each year, my sister-in-law will try to get me to weigh in on family plans or make a reservation somewhere. Nope. For one day, I don’t want to make any decision other than which hat am I wearing.  Everything else is on those folks who define my motherhood.

Hats I decorated to welcome spring (and a day at the races)!
Enjoying the sunshine. On the lighter side, today I’m soaking in a little bit of the sun, writing this blogpost sitting outside in our little town square. Often in the spring and summer, I will take my computer and sweet tea outside. It’s so much more pleasant getting work done while feeling the warmth of the sun on your face.

Any changes coming your way this month?

Happy May!

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