Wednesday, July 8, 2015

6 Reasons To Go To The Library (Other than the Books)

Summer, sitting outside, and reading all go together in my mind. Well, so do cold days, snuggling inside with a blanket and reading.  So there's always an excuse to go to the library.  Obviously, the free books is the primary one, but there are others. Here’s 6.

Late fees make you feel like you are contributing to society. The books are really only free if you don’t lose them and turn them in on time. Otherwise, you will owe your library some money. But unlike a parking meter ticket – which feels like such as waste, because, really, did that extra five minutes actually cost the city $40? – you can talk yourself into feeling good about your library fine. It goes to the library, a public good, one that you like.

There’s more than books to borrow from the library.  Libraries now have audiobooks (our must-have for roadtrips and other continuous hours in the car), CDs, and DVDs. On the bookshelves, there’s books in different languages, whether you are bilingual or wanting to learn a new language.  Many libraries also have computers for public use for internet access, as well as getting documents done. And I noticed at our new library, you can borrow iPads while you are visiting.

They are everywhere (and there’s WiFi.)  At least at our libraries there is. As a mom and busy lady that’s always going from here to there, I’m often looking for a place to hang out when I'm away from home, that’s not necessarily a Starbucks because even I can only drink so much coffee. There’s always a library somewhere nearby, along my route of errands.  I can find a spot at the library, do something quiet – work on my laptop, read, wander around looking for my next book.

You can check out books without even going to the library. Need the next book for bookclub? On vacation and run out of reading? Open up your e-reader and borrow an e-book from your local library. What a life-saver this was for me. My oldest daughter is a voracious reader. Of course, I’m very excited about this, but it required me taking her to the library all the time for her next pile of books.

The library takes your old books. How about that? Not only can you borrow books for free, you can take your old books and leave them there. The library will then sell them in their used book sale to bring in more money for the library. Again- like the late fees, you can feel good about your contribution to society.

There’s free stuff to entertain your kids. What tired mom doesn’t love having an activity for your kid where you don’t have to do anything?  The library offers kiddie movies, music concerts, puppet shows, scientists doing ahh-inspiring experiments, and read-aloud mornings. Just get there, find a spot on the floor, and let someone else talk to your kid for an hour. Ahhh!  You will be re-energized, which is a good thing because she’s going to have you reading those library books about 50 times, over and over, before you bring them back. 

With my love of books, in recent years, I’ve crossed my fingers and wished – all the library needs is a coffee shop. And I hear that the new library will have a coffee counter. I can’t wait to get there to buy a cup of coffee and check out a book.

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