Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Host Your Own Paint Party

Painting with friends is one of the new trendy things to do - girls night out, birthday parties, hanging out, bachelor parties, date nights, whatever excuse you need to get together with folks and have a drink.  Since I think that painting might be one of my untapped talents, these events were made for me.  Instead of going to one (because that requires such activities as planning ahead and remembering to show up), I decided that the kids and I would have one of our own.

I bought a stack of art canvases, a couple dozen assorted paintbrushes, and bottles and tubes of our favorite colors in acrylic paints.  Luckily, Michael's was having a sale on paint supplies when I had this surge of creativity so it all cost about $60 - not bad for 5 people, especially since there's enough for each of us to do two paintings.

For some inspiration and basic how-to, I wandered around on Pinterest, pinning ideas and pictures of flowers and butterflies and struggled to find some boy-thing for the son.  That was so not necessary as all the kids had already come up with their own idea of what they were going to do, so lesson learned: let the kids figure out their own inspiration.

We covered the table in newspaper, laid out the canvas and paints.  Some of us sketched the designs in light pencil on the canvas. After that - just paint! To add to the paint party fun, we also had chips, drinks (age appropriate) and cupcakes.  Here's what we came up with.

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mackyton said...

I like the idea of paint party. It sounds really interesting. Last year I celebrated my birthday at some outdoor party city locations NY but this year I would like to host a paint party at my home.