Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lists of All Those Books You Haven't Read Yet

December is the month of lists. The top 10 things you didn’t get around to all year long or the top 10 things you need to plan to do for next year.  And of course - all those books you didn't read this year, but luckily books don't expire.  To save you a little effort, I’ve gathered a few lists of books you may have missed this year.  My only criteria – it had to be a diverse list, presenting books by and about people of color. (Note that I didn’t say “for” because books can be for anybody, regardless of what the characters look like.)

Stock up for the hours you might steal away during the holidays or getting snowed in one day (if we here on the East Coast ever get out of this 50 degree weather.)

Adult Books

I already have Land of Love & Drowning on my to-read pile and will be adding a few more from this list. And I didn’t know Edwidge Danticat had a new book (Untwining), so that will go on my list, as it should for you if you haven’t read anything by her yet.  There are some promising looking new authors on this list – that’s always fun.

I like the variety of books on this list. There’s fiction, nonfiction, memoir, motivational – a little something for everyone. And a genre you don’t find on too many general lists? Cookbooks! I love a good cookbook, I own maybe 25-30, as a conservative estimate, and am always looking for something new and interested.   I’m adding My Life on a Plate to my list because international cookbooks are one of my favorites (desserts – cakes especially, is the other if you’re wondering.) 

Children’s Books

Multiracial as an official race category is a relatively new thing, so its interesting to see books with mixed race families. I might even be a little bit surprised that she rounded up 23!  Reading over the titles and descriptions of these books, one thing that I like is that they aren’t all about race. There are the cultural stories which are great for kids to see their own food and traditions and stuff in books. Then I also like that some of them are just stories about a family doing family stuff – visiting grandma, figuring out what to do with a new baby – and kids doing regular kid stuff – taking over the world, becoming a cowboy.  These are the kinds of “diverse” books we need – a little bit of everything.

Tutu's Storybooks: Children’s Holiday Books
For children’s books, Tutu’s Storybooks is a great go-to source. Her books are available online and if you are in Maryland, you may be lucky enough to find her at local street fairs, book fairs and other community events. Be sure to stop by, browse and buy.

This is the Holiday Books list – they are specifically about celebrating Christmas and Kwanzaa and winter – so order these soon so you can read them while the tree is still up.  In addition to the posted list, check out her tweets (‏‪@TutusStorybooks) for more holiday books, too, like these:
All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey
Little Red Gliding Hood – Tara Lazar, Troy Cummings
The Snowman Shuffle – Christianne Jones, Emma Randall
Roc & Roe’s 12 Days of Christmas – Nick Cannon, AG Ford

I know there are about 1000 other favorite books lists that I could’ve included and another 10,000 books. Leave your favorite recommendations in the Comments.

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