Friday, October 13, 2006

Back to South Beach

Over the past 8 years, I have gained and lost a total of about 200 pounds - 50 lbs. each kid - gained, lost, gained, lost, gained, lost, gained, lost. Now at the end of my child-bearing, I want desperately to return to somewhere near my pre-children weight, but taking those 8 years into account. So I figured I needed to lose about 15 pounds to get there. Back to South Beach. the diet - I'd have to lose alot more than that to actually put my butt on that beach in Florida. I've been on the diet about 3 weeks now, and lost 6 pounds so far. Not bad, right? I'm pretty excited - down a clothing size, almost 2. The weight loss is its own reward - I feel great that I'm actually doing this and realizing how much I eat! that I don't need to. I'm just bored or everybody else is eating. I signed up online at the website for the meals and daily notes and stuff. One fun part is that you can find a Beach Buddy - someone to chat with as you go along. So I have Elizabeth4 - mother of 4, kids same age as mine, same baby weight stuff. Our coincidences are funny (scrapbooking, favorite coffee creamer, like orchard fresh apples). And its nice to have someone in the same boat to share the not so good diet days and the successes. We've both got some pounds to go, but I think we'll do well.

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