Thursday, October 5, 2006

Feeding 6

How do you pick food to satisfy 6 different tastes? There's me, D, and the 4 little people. No pasta for 1, no beef for another, nothing that requires chewing for the baby, must be sweet for another, only pizza for one. B is the hardest to feed. She only wants pancakes for breakfast and who has time to make pancakes every morning - chocoloate chip ones, at that. And yes, I have made a batch, put them in the fridge or freezer and thrown them in the toaster for her, but that's only good for a day, then she doesn't want pancakes until the day after they are gone then she wants pancakes again. Or bacon - she could eat bacon on a daily basis. And chocolate milk. For lunch? Pizza. Pizza. or Pizza. but how do you pack a pizza into a lunch box? No turkey sandwich. No peanut butter, unless we are at someone else's house then its her favorite. No jelly, unless everyone else is having jelly on their biscuits. No hot dogs. No bagels. A cereal bar? That's what I tried today. She'll buy lunch - but even the caf. doesn't serve pizza every day. Then there's dinner. Pizza please. Or rice. Chicken maybe. Carrots maybe. Cream spinach only from Boston Market. Oh - but don't forget the dessert - ice cream, cake, cookies, candy - there's no pickiness there. Sweets for my sweet.

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