Friday, February 8, 2008

Organized Knitting

So I'm barely keeping up with this blog, and I've started another. Well, i'm not really in charge of the other, I mentioned before that I was contributing to the Organized Knitting blog (though I don't knit). I wrote my first entry there - all about making up that to-do list for the day. The summary - make your list at night before you go to bed, limit your list to 10 things (yes, only 10! 15 at the most) and put on it anything you need to get done - go to the bank, buy toilet paper, change a light bulb, get a new hair ribbon for dolly - all the things, big and small that you need to get done. Then wake up, have your coffee, and get started on that list - there's only 10 things and you've got all day!
for the full text, click on the blogroll for Organized Knitting - one day I'll figure out how to do a link, etc. or I'll just re-print here, but for now....

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