Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Calling Colorado

I've never been much into politics. Since being voting age, I have done my American duty of voting in all the elections, and I do read something about the candidates, if nothing but the newspaper summary of all of them. But I've never taken an active part in a campaign other than running for homecoming queen in college and later sorority chapter president. Until now.

I had already started reading Sen. Barack Obama's book, Dreams from my Father. Being a late night reader, it was hard for me to think that hard at night; yet I determined he was a smart man, with good ideas and a good heart, who had made some mistakes along the way and could admit it. Then he announced his run for the office of President! Wow! He instantly became my pick. As the primaries have rolled along, I've watched all the coverage, I've even watched the debates. I wanted to be part of the excitement. Reading thru his website, I saw where they were calling for supporters to make calls - maybe I could do that. I signed in, got my list of names and started dialing - a little nervous at first, calling complete strangers asking them if they would support Barack in the next day's caucus. But it got a bit easier and after awhile, i felt like a pro. So here's to Colorado - enjoy your caucus, hope you stand on Obama's side of the room!

*I won homecoming queen, but years later lost the sorority president election.

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