Monday, September 8, 2008

more DEMO

UsableLogin - Now this is one I get - okay, I just get the concept, not how they did it. For all the 100 websites that require a password, i use the same generic password - I'm really to frazzled to remember a bunch and if I wrote them down, I'd lose the paper. But granted, if someone figured out my all-access pw, I'd be in some trouble - someone could buy all the books they wanted, order photo prints, and check out my Facebook inbox. So this company takes my simplistic idea one step further. You still only have to come up with 1 simple, memorable pw; any site you go to shows the same sign-in screen that you would recognize as a photo you selected. You put in your pw, it does something complicated about a more complex pw in the bckground and you gain access. And if someone figures out your word? It only works on your computer! And you can deactivate it if you are going to be away. nice idea.

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