Monday, September 8, 2008

oh, yeah - so what am I doing out here at DEMOfall08 in the first place, right? D has been working to develop Its a website where you can search for on-line video, watch it, save it, share it with your friends. Yes, another of those products that you didn't know you needed and would love, til you saw it (kinda how I was with TIVO).

Let's say you are looking for a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. You could go to FoodNetwork, but what if there's yet another, better cookie recipe out there? You don't want to go thru every site you can think of (and there's plenty out there that you aren't going to think of) looking for the best recipe. So you go to, search for chocolate chip cookie recipes and you get the videos of folks using a chocolate chip cookie recipe and can see them all on one screen. Granted, there may be more important or interesting things to look for (Denzel Washington interviews, Chris Brown videos, etc.) but you get the idea. When you find your favorites, you can save them - and even send them to your friends.

That's it. Easy, simple. fun. Go on - check it out and enjoy!