Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Love your Sister" Day

(With a special "Happy Birthday!" to Soror Anna M. and Soror Connie P.)

Today, my sorority’s North Atlantic Region is celebrating “Love your Sister” Day. This is different than our Founders’ Day, which recognizes the women who envisioned and established our sisterhood. Today, is the opportunity to express our love for the women who we work with now in our service to our community.

I don’t have any blood sisters, so after 18 years of having only a brother, I found my sorority and now my sorors fill that void. You see, God gives you whatever you need, even if its not the way you would imagine it.

Today, I consider all the wonderful women who have crossed my path during my years in my sorority. From local chapter activities to national conferences, I have had an interesting experience in meeting various women who have been an instrument to learn an important lesson as I grow as a person or a sorority member, been supportive and cooperative in our joint tasks, or become invaluable, lifelong friends. So, to all those sorors – I say “I love you!”

- You’ve got to start at home, so let me begin with my favorite 4 sorors – can’t imagine being here without you. Between you all, you inspire me with your intelligence, creativity, beauty, sense of adventure, humor, and love. Thank you for all the years…. Start shopping for our silver dresses, we’re almost there!

- My undergraduate chapter sorors – you ground me, remind me where we all started and why we came into this sorority. Whenever purpose is confused or lost, thinking of you, reminds me what we’re supposed to be doing.

- Centennial conference committee and Regional conference committee sorors – some of you dared to work with me for a second time! I will forever be thankful for your commitment and for our continued sisterhood. I love the way our work in the sorority brings new people that you will be able to turn to again and again, for new activities and for friendship.

- In various roles, I also have had the opportunity to work alongside some of our Regional and National leaders. These are wonderfully, intelligent women who have the direction of our sorority in their hands. I pray that they continue to be thoughtful and forward thinking in moving us positively forward.

- To my current chapter and committees – thanks for putting up with me and all my ideas, questions, suggestions, and wild schedule. You make me grow, you make me better.

- There are countless sorors who I have met and worked with on local activities, regional planning, and casual activities. They all have been a part of my picture of our sisterhood. And what a beautiful array of pink and green it is.

My challenge as you think about “Love your Sister” Day, is this. Think of someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile or someone you just spoke to yesterday, your soror, your sister, or some other woman in your people circle. Now, do one of two things. 1 - Pick up the phone and call her, don’t send her a text, but actually let her hear your voice. Or 2 – Get a piece of paper or card and jot her a note and put it in the mail, not an email or a Facebook post, but a real piece of paper with a real stamp, let her see your handwriting. Then thank God for the women he has placed in your life. Enjoy!

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Robyn said...

Thank you so much for my "Love your Sister Day" card! I love getting handwritten notes. I don't have any blood sisters either, so I'm so happy that I have my 4 "line sisters" who mean the world to me!