Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vegan experiment - continued

Day 1 went by pretty easy. But it did require some thought and reminders that cheese is made from animal product. Lunch was pita & hummus for me, daughter #1 couldn't resist the orange chicken in the school cafeteria, daughter #2 enjoyed her rice and beans. Dinner was broccoli, sweet potato, and couscous (the meat-eaters had chicken along with that).

I went grocery shopping to pick up more fruits and veggies. Most of the shopping was done on the outside edges of the grocery store, which diet experts say is the healthiest.

Day 2 -had AlmondMilk for breakfast - kinda tasty, daughter #2 and #3 liked it. PBJ, apples and water for lunch. Daughter #1 made a broccoli spaghetti sauce and spaghetti for dinner, and they had that and AlmondMilk for dinner. We also went to the Adventist store and wandered the vegetarian aisles. Daughter #1 was excited to realize that fruit popsicles are vegan-friendly! We left the soy ice cream in the freezer.

Wine is also a nice vegan option.

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