Friday, August 19, 2011

Eating on the kiddie menu

When you think "European vacation" one thing you imagine is the food.  You wonder where you will get gloves for your afternoon tea in London, savoring escargot dripping in a butter sauce in Paris, diving through a pot of mussels in Belgium, sitting on the piazza sipping cappuccino with your cannolis in Rome, and washing down tapas with a pitcher of sangria in Spain.

That menu plan is for when you are traveling with adults.  When the majority of the members of your travel group are under 12, the meals are a bit different.

You will learn the word for ice cream and various flavors in many languages, eat too much Nutella and put chocolate sprinkles on your breakfast breads,  search for the best pizza in Italy, munch on sandwiches and wash it down with Shasta orange, and really need that pitcher of sangria. And you will also have a perfect excuse to have cafe con leche, hot chocolate, and a platter full of churros for breakfast.


Darrilyn Vassar-Jackson, LCSW-C said...

Love reading about your adventures. Look forward to more. Keep sharing.

nativenyer said...

It looks like we have to plan an adults-only European adventure. So that we can both eat in Europe. :)