Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am a scaredy cat

In the choice between “fight or flight” – I generally choose “flight”.  I do not watch horror movies, I can barely stand the commercials on TV.  My one and only time in a haunted house ended in me running at full speed, screaming until I reached daylight.  My heart races whenever I drive down a dark country road.  I don’t even go in my basement at night when my husband’s not home.  Did I say that I’m a scaredy cat?  But fear isn’t all bad.  Fear can be a great motivator. 

Fear is what keeps you from driving too fast on a rainy street, even though you are late to pick up your child from basketball practice.  Its what makes you put on your seatbelt on the airplane when you feel that bump at 35,000 feet, as if that 2 feet of webbing is going to save your life.

Fear is what makes us go for our annual check-ups.  It is for me, anyway. 

Despite my clumsiness and random odd ailments, I’ve never had any significant medical issues.  I had dental surgery and it was the first time I'd had any surgery of any sort or had any part of me stitched up, and I was scared going into it.  I've never been required to stay overnight in the hospital, other than for the birth of my children.  So, yes, if the doctor told me I’d have to ever get anything more than an ace bandage and a funny blue boot (I’m used to those), I’d be shaking in my hospital gown.

So, yeah, I’m a scaredy cat.  But its alright.  Its fear that put me in the oral surgeon’s chair.  And fear that has made me make my appointment for my annual breast exam.  Because there are other things I fear much worse than being uncomfortable for a few minutes. 

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