Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baker for a day

In another life, I would've gone to cooking school and specialized in baking. I'd also probably weight about 350 lbs., so I guess it's a good thing, I'm living this life.

However, the sweet tooth is still there (I think my dentist has even identified it) and baking and eating sweets is still a favorite pastime. The eve of Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of my best baking days. The big family dinners allow an excuse to offer multiple desserts to accommodate for everyone's favorite. I line the ingredients on the counter, pull out all the pans and mixing bowls, the measuring cups and spoons, make myself a drink (today its pomegranate martini) and pretend for the day that I'm in a bakery.

On this year's dessert menu:
Sweet potato pie
Chocolate pecan pie
Apple pie
Red Velvet Cake
Carrot Cake

What am I missing?

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