Monday, November 14, 2011

Blue & Gold Weekend

This past weekend, I enjoyed another college Homecoming; from Friday to Sunday, I hung out with old classmates and sorority members.
Although there is FB for daily, even hourly, updates on your friends' movements, it doesn't replace this annnual in-person reunion. The weekend centers around tailgating in the parking lot of our old hangout, the CBC, with the buffet of food and drink options ranging from fried turkeys and sausage to blue punch and cotton candy cocktails (yes, I went to school with a creative bunch). Thanks to the guys on the fryers for holding back some fried fish for the vegetarians. An extra bonus was being serenaded by the soulful singing voice of a classmate as he sang the Japanese version of the pop song "Sukiyaki" (you know the song, YouTube it after you're finished reading). The what-I'm-doing-now stories are impressive, it's great to hear about the job promotions, the job changes, and the jobs people still have, as well as running in 10ks, continuing to perform poetry, and raising families. The remember-when stories seem to get funnier now that everyone can laugh at themselves much easier with the perspective of time. We laughed about venturing across tennis courts late at night, singing in the dining halls, and when we first met. We congratulated the new bride, laughed over a late night breakfast, and danced in celebration of milestone birthdays.  We reminisced about the years when there was a Homecoming King & Queen. My sorors and I wrapped up the weekend with a sisterly brunch, spending time with the women who chartered our chapter, are active in it now, and everyone in between.

At Homecoming, regardless of all your accomplishments since you donned your cap and gown, whether a year ago or 25, you temporarily return to your younger self wandering the yard. No matter whether you are a doctor, lawyer, scientist, professor, banker, or busy stay-at-home mom, you are reminded of the person you were when you were still finding yourself. And for all the fun, you are thankful you've moved passed those great, but sometimes awkward years, to the person you are now.

See you next year, Blue Hens!

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