Monday, January 2, 2012

Because I can't carry an emergency $10 in my iPad

4"x6".  leather-like cover, preferably in pink or green.  inner pocket, front or back.  elastic or magnetic closure.  page marker ribbons.  I don't ask for much, shouldn't be so hard to find.  But each year, its feeling like I'm searching for an 8-track of the Jackson 5.

Its that time again, my annual search for a day-planner/organizer.  Yes, I am one of those people who still has a paper-based organizer in which I record my appointments, notes, and reminders in pencil, pen, or crayon.  (You can read up on last year's search in my post last January).  And sitting next to me is my husband reminding me about my phone and iPad with a bazillion calendar apps.  He's trying to pull me into the tech-world, but I've got my heels dug in my pile of paper.

Today, I went, as I have for years and years, to B&N to find my organizer.  What once used to take up half the front-of-store floor space, has now been reduced to one side of the clearance rack, and the pickin's were slim.  There were only three or four that I actually considered.  The "mom-planner"?  Not enough spaces for four children.

Now, I'm back to searching online.  One option - the ecosystem organizer I had in 2010?  Company doesn't make dayplanners anymore, though they still make nice journals.  Will probably order a pink set.  2011 organizer from FranklinCovey?  Nope, don't have them anymore.  They had some others I liked, but they were all wire-bound which would get tangled up with the ponytail holders, candy wrappers, and teeny doll shoes in my purse.  Moleskin makes the style I'm looking for, but not quite the right size, and only in black or red, but its looking like the best option.  I don't like the smaller size, its not big enough to stuff receipts and notes and stamps into.  If I get the bigger one, I will need to get a new purse.  Hmmm, now that's something to consider.


CDP said...

I use paper too, and I'm exceedingly picky. I love Filofax and have used one for years (and mine is pink, too). Look at Exacompta/Quo Vadis. I almost bought one of theirs this year but went back to my Filofax refill.

kalen said...

levenger planners are amazing.

Mommyx4 said...

Thank Kalen! I tried out one of those circle - flexible journals and think I'm liking it.